The Alchemical Wedding

On 11 Aug 2000, Caitlin, Leigh Ann, & Elton were married at Thelema Lodge in Oakland, in a ceremony written by Leigh Ann. The text was mostly taken from Crowley's Holy Books, scripted to fit the tripartite descent, ascent, and transformation used to create the alchemical Philosopher's Stone. Mordecai Shapiro and Larissa Brown officiated. John Brunie, the lodge master, kindly volunteered to photograph the event; here are some of the pictures we like best of the lot.
we three
The three of us
after the cermony.
Caitlin, happy
... "happy" doesn't begin to describe it.
Caitlin with presents
Presents. Caitlin
with (no, really) some massage tools, while Wolfie and Kevin look on.
Ceramic Baphomet
Presents. Leigh Ann
holds a ceramic Baphomet.
Leigh Ann before the ceremony
Leigh Ann
just before the ceremony begins.
Mordecai and us
, beatific; we play with fire.
Beginning the communion
The beginning of communion
after the transformation
After the communion
Immediately after communion.
Caitlin at the ascent
Caitlin at the ascent
; Leigh Ann plays with fire.
Nitnorth at the ascent
Nitnorth at the ascent
; Leigh Ann plays with fire...
all 3 drink
The communion...
all 3 drink
...and again.

Leigh Ann designed the background for this page. It's the back cover of Annwn's album The Lovers Enchained. (She also, I might add, burned it into the top of a picnic table she made.)